7 May 2011

Review - The Cruelty of Great Expectations

Source: Undergound Empire

For whatever reason, is this band so far largely ignored in this country, I can not judge, the fact is for me that Northern Ireland would have to come because of their complex melange of great interest to most. After two demos, two EPs, the trio served for the first time, a long iron, and already after the first "sniff" it is clear that their musical spectrum HONEY FOR CHRIST have once again extended a little. The past is already on their demo "The Darkest Pinnacle Of Light" to be heard to influences from the corner of the dark metal, and come from the Gothic area on "The Cruelty Of Great Expectations" even more to the fore and crowd out the still in the early days of Volume existence of dominant elements from the direction of Power / Thrash Metal, have shaped the Will, "particularly the 2001 demo" Forging Iron. 

Although from that corner to be heard still a whole lot, but now latent fondness for, sometimes even in direction Doom tending dark sounds, proves on this album to be predominant and also as a correct decision, as the Northern Irishman sound more intensively than ever before. Sometimes it creates the Force in this regard even get to, close by masters like KATATONIA, so what can now be said not many bands on his own. Who this but expect a more "moderate" work in the sense of elegant elegies is definitely wrong, because especially the harsh riffs that come entirely from the old thrash metal school (in phases can be seen here, especially Jeff Waters as an influence, but also with NEVERMORE MEGADETH or you are not quite wrong) present themselves as indispensable to the success of this album out and make even the infamous "something" out. 

The band has thus again significantly developed their sound compositions stylistically but now open, on the other hand, at the same time tightly structured, as arranged. Were fine, if it succeed in Northern Ireland with "The Cruelty Of Great Expectations" at last could find at least some measure attention, this trio would have deserved it long ago!



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