6 May 2011

Review - The Cruelty of Great Expectations

Source: Metalcore Fanzine

This was an alternative metal bands and it took a bit for me to get into it, but this like the above band isn't
band for what it is. The band's bio says they are dark heavy metal band in the vein of Katatonia meets Slayer. That to me is way off base. My ears an alternative rock/dark metal band. The singer has a nice voice and he sets the tone and the band kinda suck you in with their sound and style. The band still have a sense of a good melody too, which to me is what a good or great song is. The hook and riff, followed by the vocals. Again I am not
a huge fan of the alternative stuff, but I know a good band when I hear it and am open minded enough to give everything a shot and bottom line this is a good band.


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