16.02.13  The Limelight II, Belfast (NI) : 7 Days Dead, Spittin Bones, Red Six : £5 adm, Doors 5PM




11.11.12 "Wired & Inspired"- The Limelight 2, Belfast (NI) : Lesshelp, Sinocence, The Obscene Machine, Skypilot, Triggerman, By Any Means
11.05.12 The Warzone, Belfast (NI) : By Any Means, Zombified, Beheaded
02.03.12 The Spring & Airbrake, Belfast (NI) : Rebels By Nature, Gacys' Threads
24.02.12 The Voodoo, Belfast (NI) : + DJ James Loveday
11.05.12 The Warzone, Belfast (NI) : Beheaded, By Any Means, Zombified
06.10.12 Katy Daly's, Belfast (NI) : Sinocence, By Any Means, Devestate, Bakken.


08.10.11 The Limelight, Belfast (NI) : Christ Agony, Hello Jackie
20.08.11 The Spring & Airbrake, Belfast (NI) : Bloody Kisses + 1 tbc
09.04.11 The Spring & Airbrake, Belfast (NI) : Condemned, Rebels By Nature
28.01.11 The Spring & Airbrake, Belfast (NI) : Entombed, Devilmakesthree
07.01.11 The Spring & Airbrake, Belfast (NI) : Sweet Savage, Sinocence, Devilmakesthree, Nine Lies, For Christs Sake, Revengence


31.10.10 The Limelight, Belfast (NI) The Prophecy, Zombified, Brigantia
29.10.10 Masons, Londonderry (NI) The Prophecy
21.08.10 The Cellar Bar, Draperstown (NI) Triggerman
22.05.10 The Limelight, Belfast (NI) Decade of Aggression
13.03.10 The Limelight, Belfast (NI) Darkest Era 


05/10/09 The Spring & Airbrake, Belfast (NI) Trouble, Howlin' Widow
30/07/09 Basement Jack's, Maghera (NI) Battle of the bands
16/07/09 Basement Jack's, Maghera (NI) Interrogate, Ossmiun
28/05/09 Limelight, Belfast (NI) The Prophecy, Decayor
30/05/09 Fibber Magees, Dublin (IRE) The Prophecy, Wolfchant, Waylander, Sirocco, Saviours of Sin 


13.12.08 Katy Dalys, Belfast (NI) Blackguard Smile
01.11.08 Sportcafé Jeffrey’s, Sas Van Gent (NL) The Prophecy, Never Come Silence, Insanity Reigns Supreme
31.10.08 Raz 4 U, Datteln (GER) The Prophecy, Never Come Silence, Insanity Reigns Supreme
30.10.08 De Rots, Antwerp (BEL) The Prophecy, Never Comes Silence
27.10.08 Auntie Annies, Belfast (NI) Grand Magus, Serpent Cult
23.08.08 Limelight, Belfast (NI) End of Level Boss, Army of Scum
15/03/08 The Snooty Fox, Wakefield (UK) The Prophecy + more
14/03/08 Sin City, Swansea (UK) The Drowning, This Descent
13/03/08 The Gasworks, Bradford (UK) The Prophecy, Eyesore Angels
11/02/08 Masons, Londonderry (NI) Destroyer
12/01/08 Centre culturel de Rossignol, Rossignol (LUX) Sinister, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition + more
11/01/08 The Frontline, Gent (BEL) Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition + more


24/08/07 Torres Novas, Vargos, (POR) The Prophecy, Portugiese Suave, Sacred Intent
21/08/07 News Dance Club, Ethe, (BEL) The Prophecy, PSB
20/08/07 Cafe Mistral, Arlon, (BEL) The Prophecy, PSB, The Straws
18/08/07 Bloodstock Open Air, Derby (UK) Arch Enemy, In Flames, Benediction, Sinocence
11/08/07 Rosetta Bar, Belfast (NI) Lesshelp, DM3, War Iron
28/07/07 Rosetta Bar, Belfast (NI) Spitknot, War Iron, Escape Fail, Sewer Rich
24/06/07 The Bunker, Belfast (NI) Sinocence, Kyrbgrinder, Cold War, Residual Effect, Overoth, A Little Bitter, November Dead List
22/06/07 The Common Rooms, Dungannon (NI) A Little Bitter, Kyrbgrinder
12.04.07 Rosetta Bar, Belfast (NI) War Iron, November Dead List
25.03.07 Masons, Londonderry (NI) Crowning Glory
25.03.07 The Bunker, Laverys, Belfast (NI) Waylander, Celtic Legacy, + more
24.03.07 Katy Dalys, Belfast (NI) Crowning Glory
23.03.07 Fibbers, Dublin (IRE) Crowning Glory
22.03.07 An Cruiscin Lan, Cork (IRE) Crowning Glory, Sirrocco
18.02.07 The Spring & Airbrake, Belfast (NI) Sorrowfall, Residual Effect, Bad Boat + more
19.01.07 The Pavillion, Belfast (NI) Overoth, Let Me Bleed, Unholy Wrath, GPI


30.12.06 The Empire, Belfast Stand-Up Guy, Sorrowfall, Arcane Supression
09.12.06 The Rosetta Bar, Belfast Spitknot, Condemned, No Grace Given
16.09.06 The Pavillion, Belfast Residual Effect, Sinocence, Iron Skies
02.09.06 Katy Dalys, Belfast The Prophecy, Triggerman
01.09.06 The Dungloe Bar, Londonderry The Prophecy, Triggerman
31.08.06 The Black Boat, Bangor The Prophecy, Triggerman, Iron Skies
27.07.06 The Rotterdam Bar, Belfast Choke
26.07.06 The Bunker, Laverys Bar, Belfast Sinocence + November Dead List
21.07.06 Rosetta Bar, Belfast Overoth, Nemesis, Primal Dawn
15.07.06 The Windsor Bar :: Bangor Stand-Up Guy, Sinocence + guests
06.06.06 Claredon Docks, Rottfest :: Belfast Nevermore, Devildriver, Stand Up Guy, Residual Effect
07.05.06 Alma Inn :: Bolton Headless Cross, Unsilence + guests
06.05.06 The Room :: Barnsley Steriod Freak Pussy
05.05.06 The Market Tavern :: Bradford The Prophecy, The Belonging
04.05.06 The Star & Garter :: Manchester Neandertahl, Collusion + guests
03.05.06 The Snooty Fox :: Wakefield + guests
02.05.06 The Evolution :: Worcester Broken Promise + guests
30.04.06 The Witchwood :: Ashton The Prophecy, Unsilence + guests
06.04.06 The Black Boat :: Bangor Sorrowfall, The Nexus, Emerald
09.03.06 The Rotterdam :: Belfast November Dead List, Condemned
15.01.06 Rosetta Bar :: Belfast Condemned, Nailed
14.01.06 Vodoo Lounge :: Dublin Condemned, Nailed, The Swarm, Primordial


22.12.05 Soul 28 :: Dublin Chosen, Entropy, Nephridium
16.12.05 Bush Tavern :: Ballymoney Lead Cude, Fireland
15.12.05 Rotterdam Bar :: Belfast Sinocence
02.12.05 Rosetta Bar :: Belfast Latex Spider Monkey, Zombie Safari Park, PHM, Dawn
22.10.05 Katy Daly's :: Belfast Primitive Hate Machine
12.08.05 Bush Tavern :: Ballymoney Condemned, Neandertah
27.05.05 Ceilie House :: Lurgan Sinocence, Outlaw
14.05.05 The Retro :: Portrush Sinocence, Deep Kick
07.05.05 Bush Tavern :: Ballymoney Hexxed, Dawn
29.04.05 The Venue :: Belfast Bad Boat, Involutio
23.04.05 Rosetta Bar :: Belfast No Grace Given, Devilmakesthree
16.04.05 Rosetta Bar :: Belfast Condemned, Nailed, Aftermath
09.04.05 Limelight :: Belfast Residual Effect, Stand-Up Guy, Firebird
07.04.05 The Oak :: Portadown Sinocence


10th Jan Mc Kennas, Monaghan Bad Boat, Sky Pilot


1st Nov The Barn, Glenavy Myth, Ego, Phoenix R, Whiplash, Inside, Involution, Condemned, Sinocence
14th Aug The Nerve Centre, Londonderry Tilted, Messiah Syndrome
28th Jun Dungeonfest III, Leeds, UK Desecration + loads
7th Jun Day of Darkness, Ballylinan Mourning Beloveth + loads
3rd May The Deers Head, Belfast Hunnilingus, Black Taj
2nd May Hard Rock Cafe, Belfast Stand Up Guy, Sinocence, Involution
7th Mar The Magnet, Newry Condemned, Devilmakesthree


1st Nov The Bush Tavern, Ballymoney Putrefy, Sinocence, Japstaff
2nd Aug Giros, Belfast Dead Blue Sky, Bastard Youth, Skin the Pig
22nd June Auntie Annies, Belfast Sinocence
20th June Empire Music Centre, Belfast Spindrift, Sinocence, Pallid Flesh
18th May Temple Music Centre, Dublin My Dying Bride, Mael Mordha
12th May O'Malleys, Galway Dog Boy Conspiracy, Golgotha
11th May Lagan Valley Island, Lisburn Condemned, Hexxed
15th Mar The Magnet, Newry Condemned, Purtid Entrails
24th Jan The Limelight, Belfast Tilted, Spindrift, Stand Up Guy 


26th Aug The Temple, Dublin Unsilence, Kingdom
25th Aug The Limelight, Belfast Unsilence, Tilted, Loadstone
21st July Dungeonfest, Royal Park, Leeds Dragonheart, Unsilence, Obsidian, Vae Solis, plus more
13th Apr Project Theatre, Dublin Geasa, Desolate, Condemned
1st Mar Auntie Annies, Belfast Huge Baby, Superskin
5th Feb The Rosetta Bar, Belfast Nile


7th Nov Limelight, Belfast "Children in need charity event"
28th Oct Hoggs Head, Waterford Zero 51
12th Oct Empire Music Centre, Belfast Spindrift, Zerotonin, Superskin
8th Oct Gasworks, Dublin Primordial,Mourning Beloveth, Diptheria, Primal Dawn
7th Oct Rosetta Bar, Belfast Honeyweed
4th Oct Morrisons, Belfast Riff Master General
2nd Sept Fibbers, Dublin Abbaddon Incarnate, Kingdom, Waylander, Mourning Beloveth, Geasa
18th Aug Katy Dalys, Belfast "EP launch" with Devoured
8th Jun Auntie Annies, Belfast Malkuth
3rd Jun Rosetta Bar, Belfast Spindrift
29th May Auntie Annies, Belfast Best of Belfast press release
13th May Katy Dalys, Belfast Rodan
17th Apr The Rosetta Bar, Belfast Lacuna Coil


18th Dec The Rosetta Bar, Belfast Manlog
11th Dec The Rosetta Bar, Belfast Orange Goblin, Hangnail
12th Nov The Venue, Belfast Superskin, Tilted
2nd Oct The Rosetta Bar, Belfast Abattoir
18th Sept The Venue, Belfast Mentallica
17th Sept The Railway Bar, Lurgan Smash Alley
28th Aug The Rosetta Bar, Belfast Zerotonin
31st Jul The Rosetta Bar, Belfast Psychotribe
15th May The Rosetta Bar, Belfast Cathedral, Waylander
1st May The Rosetta Bar, Belfast Gardenia
3rd Apr The Rosetta Bar, Belfast Abattoir
27th Mar The Rosetta Bar, Belfast Flang
12th Mar The Rosetta Bar, Belfast "Children in need" charity gig
6th Mar The Rosetta Bar, Belfast Scald, Superksin

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