8 May 2011

Review - The Cruelty of Great Expectations

Source: Music-Scan

In Northern Ireland the paint mills slowly. Therefore appears the debut album by HONEY FOR CHRIST until the 13th Year of the band. Inactive, the musicians are not even been.Some demo-and micro-releases and continuous tours in Ireland, Great Britain and incontinental Europe are already beech. What inclined listeners on "The Cruelty Of GreatExpectations"expect, the trio describes as a mixture of Gothic Doom and Heavy Metal.Heavy HONEY FOR CHRIST are in any case, and metal too. 

But neither Gothic Doommay still quite fit. The direction mapped true, however. The Northern Irishman is alwayspresent during longer be thwarted and gloomy. Moreover, has the full-time debut on ahigh melancholy content, which is not just on the back cover photo. Doom for the whole thing is too complicated and fast-paced created. Therefore, "The Cruelty Of GreatExpectations" as a heavy metal record already well classified, the trips has in different directions. Sometimes it goes straight and dry in the thrash, elsewhere in the massivedeath and sometimes take the offensive HONEY FOR CHRIST out and look towardsDoom. Variety is guaranteed accordingly. The Northern Ireland get out of its three castout a lot, even if sometimes a second guitar work wonders and enhance the atmospherewould continue.


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