13 May 2011

Review - The Cruelty of Great Expectations

Source: Metal Impact

HONEY FOR CHRIST is the kind of group that we really want to be indulgent. Because they have talent, they are moving forward, and they do not fit the mold stupidly.

Heavy Doom practicing the Katatonia / MY DYING BRIDE (less glaucous ...), light version, the Irish do not lack trick, but like a copy of a student who leaves on good tracks but the lack Finally, offer good ideas, but without actually exploiting them, or evil. 

Enjoying a more than impressive, with its fantastically well worth the rhythm and riffs, the songs of The Cruelty Of Great Expectations all suffer a major handicap, the singer's voice very boring guitarist Andy Clarke.
If as a guitarist, Andy develops a talent and an undeniable sense of the chord at the right time and right way, his voice is very monotone, and sentencing in the most melodic lines, always in the breach of falsity. And when the pieces tend toward uniformity, the lack of thickness and the leaden verbosity even more. And that's when HONEY FOR CHRIST differs most from its original style that pays. 

The most blatant example is "All Hope Was Strangled," the opening track. Buoyed by a really awesome intro riff, heavy, compact and massive, and sustained on the first verse with a deep voice, it leaves hope for the best, but ended up crashing on the rocks of a relatively flat Gothic Heavy . 

And when the machine packs, furious at the "Liar" Disciple, "we find ourselves faced with a Heavy barrel Death Match, in which the body seems to grow much Andy. The final fall more into pure chaos, the enthusiasm is all the greater! 

"Blame Corruption," which sounds very core, enjoys a song doubled to creep into your skull, and for once, the chorus melody has in no waste the efforts. And it is no coincidence that these three titles are the shortest of the album ... The other, which often grow beyond five minutes, seem to lack ideas and carrying out of breath really quickly. We nevertheless feel that it would take very little for all that really takes off, maybe a different song, more serious, because musically there is not much to criticize the group, given the optical music chosen.
But let's not in bad faith, and therefore that it is the first album, there are chances that the bottom conforms to the shape in the future, and at that time, I am sure we will lay HONEY FOR CHRIST an album well worthy of praise!


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