13 May 2011

Review - The Cruelty of Great Expectations

Source: Possessed Magazine

Well, the band HONEY FOR CHRIST's were already en route since 1998 and is now with her ​​debut album via Rundown Records daher.Die Northern Ireland but not unfleissig13 years, but have some demos and EP's previously out gebrachr. 

Normally, this makeso many grindcore bands, but there have HONEY FOR CHRIST nothing to do with. Theygo their own ways, and describe their style as a mix of Heavy Metal and Gothic Doom. Isit as it stood, although some thrashy parts are available and low death metal bonds arefelt. The vocals are clean but goes then this doomy corner. The music is very dark andemotional, I must say, but I can non much with it. It is interesting, if they produce starkchange of mood, that is a very tough and slow Doomfrequenz into a thrashy, fast riffplayed. Sounds very surprising and then generates Abwechslung.Als influences theygive to all the metal lines and the label describes it as a mix of Katatonia and Slayer. 

Mebecause it sounds too experimental, even though this creates the atmosphere of the album. Is again as an album that is musically interesting, but I hardly takes you on the journey, which may be due to the vocals. Check out the band go to their website and decide for yourself.


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