31 May 2011

Review - The Cruelty of Great Expectations

Honey for Christ Northern Ireland has existed since 1998. Despite it'sThe Cruelty of Great Expectationsonly their first album. Dog rates high band with this release. The entire three-page long promo type came with the full version. Promo notes are full of praise for the band who has served as support for Trouble, ENTOMBED and Primordial.

If we look at the musical an emphasis Honey for Christ a significant application of dynamics in the sound. From a standpoint riffs meets light the dark on a regular show. Alternative rock structures races with tough and thrash-accented riffs for space in the spotlight. The vocals cultivates beauty, but it is of the seeker and alvorstyngede variety. Thus, it is right to argue that the band takes the mood from dark and depressive European heavy rock. Lead singer and guitarist Andrew Clarke convincing but not in the major courts. The voice lacks character, conviction and that little extra to take music to the highest heights. Andrew's lack of characteristic features is the biggest pitfall when most of the music is vocal driven.

Once the stomping and locomotive-like thrashriffa puffs off it is usually very tough. But sometimes it feels full of torn. The undersigned miss a more natural connection between the alternative and they charged me groovy transitions. This cut-and-paste feel, combined with half committed vocals make this album does not quite go home with the undersigned.

Another Way Down is the song the band succeeded. It has a sort of ballad-heavy feel to it that reminds me of Therapy?. The heavy and emotional music, you fall hard for the chest is Honey for Christ certainly worth checking out. Anathema, Katatonia and Annihilator are references, but do not expect similar greatness of the material. Honey for Christ is surely an interesting band and I'm excited for the future.

6 / 10


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