28 May 2011

Review - The Cruelty of Great Expectations


Since 1998 there this Irish band from Belfast, and after two demos and two EPs, it is now time to bring the first full album to the man / woman. Granted, this band's name is thought somehow something towards psychedelic, but it is far from this debut.

To-earth, earthy heavy rock in the direction Katatonia is offered here (the label will even Slayer with, but surely that is far-fetched). The opening track "All Hope Was Strangled ', here's good to go forward. Earthy riffing, something seems to be rooted in the 70s, forms the backbone here. It continues with "Another Way Down", which I then but something about System Of A Down remember what all on the set, quiet guitar melody is present. The chorus takes the song in intensity, but then screwed them back. A multi-layered song that will end once more intense and skillfully to the different tempos and loud-soft dynamics of the play. That other sounds can be posted on shows, with "Liar Discipline", the violent is celebrated by some.

The sung vocals are clear and consistent fit to the mid-tempo passages, but when the going gets a bit violent, with the harder passages to me the song seems a bit too thin and weak (as in the chorus of "Liar Discipline"). From time to time but flashes through some aggression, but these points a little more of them could tolerate.
Otherwise, The Cruelty Of Great Expectations offers very sophisticated heavy rock with some chill-out factor, where you can also drop once. Now the only question on the total score is between 4 and 5 points ... therefore in doubt for the "accused".




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