26 Jun 2011

Review - The Cruelty of Great Expectations

Source: Beowolf Productions

HONEY FOR CHRIST has been churning out their blend of Heavy Metal since 1998. They have put out numerous demos, EP's and vinyl but, "THE CRUELTY OF GREAT EXPECTATIONS" is the bands first full length debut. 

These guys don't play straight up Heavy Metal, they just use it to build off of. They have a lot of Thrash Metal influences, especially in the guitar sound along with blends of Gothic & Doom elements all through out. They take you through a slow melodic passage with the Gothic & Doom undertones and then slam you straight into a Thrash Metal frenzy. 

The vocals mostly fall in the melodic Gothic area, but some times they get a bit harsher. It have followed these guys through out the years and they have definitely excelled past all previous releases. Blend together the bands ANATHEMA, KATATONIA & SLAYER to get a glimpse of what these guys sound like. Support this very talented band!


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