13 Jun 2011

Review - The Cruelty of Great Expectations

Source: Music Waves

From geographical determinism in music ... Even when he forged the Heavy Metal, Irish (North or not) dump a fluid emotional kind of a bummer the darkness of despair prégnant. Take for example Honey For Christ ...Thirteen years of activism and several self-produced modest efforts later, we book with Great Expectations Of Cruelty The first jet carrying a pain that only those mineral lands flagelées by the winds and the blood of a tortured history can birth. Already the visual suicidal who would not déparaillé turd on a black metal depressive states at the outset that this is not the joy of living that will punctuate the heavy and crawling titles ("How The Dark Gets In" for name only one).

In fact, like a primordial for Black Metal, a Waylander for Folk or Darkest Era for metal epic, Honey For Christ develops a vision of the kind written in black ink of despair . Furthermore riffs dripping with sadness, like those of irrigating "The Day We Lost Everything", the main vector of this feeling is the singing of guitarist Andy Clarke, whose body takes the album clearly upwards, as during the long "Failures Within" which undoubtedly embodies the Everest of this album with its haunting melody.

From the sound, rough and thick in the power-trio format, everything here sounds a real authenticity. And if we may regret a rather short period, under a long wait for a decade, The Cruelty Of Great Expectations , however, a dedicated group, failing to renew the soil that serves as Fuel makes you want to follow through this way it has to inject a form of pain, demonstrating that in the heavy metal can not be reduced fortunately not with the musicians dressed in animal skins or plastic armor stitched in a store joke. Instead, Honey For Christ offers music adult true catharsis of a gray and hopeless life.


Chronicle written by Thor Childeric published on 05/28/2011


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