10 Apr 2011

Review - The Cruelty of Great Expectations

Source: Paradise City, Belfast

Monk rambles on about some new releases... Honey For Christ – ‘The Cruelty Of Great Expectations’ (Rundown).

Well, it took them fucking long enough, didn’t it? I first came across HFC when I was working for the awful DV8 magazine (anyone remember it? No? Didn’t think so! Don’t blame you!), and that wasn’t yesterday! So, with such a wait, would the album live up to its monicker? Would the weight of expectation result in a cruel letdown? Thankfully, I have to say no. It has been worth the wait. The octet of tunes are carefully crafted, dynamically delivered, with beautifully balanced shades of light and dark, heaviness and subtlety, all coupled with a clear, precise production. I must admit to feeling a large Therapy? influence, especially in the instrumental sections of the likes of ‘Another Way Down’, but that is not a bad thing, and the trio do carve their own very clear creative path. Stand out track: ‘Liar Disciple’.


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