24 Apr 2011

By Any Means - help needed with stolen gear

HFC would appreciate if everyone could please keep an eye out for the following STOLEN equipment taken from Belfast band "By Any Means." Terrible situation for a band to be in and we hope they catch the cunts that stole it. Contact local police with any information.

Equipment Stolen

Guitar cab: 4 X 12 very distinctive red cloth front with a badge saying ‘Audiotec’. Audiotec don’t make amplification equipment I took the badge from an old stereo. Single jack input on the rear. Covered in a distinctive charcoal grey carpet type material. G12T speakers in the cab

Midnight blue Charvel model 4 ‘dinky’ guitar. The paint job has a kind of shimmer/sparkle to it. Has an EMG 85 in rear humbucker, with Jackson single passive pick-ups in middle and neck position. Shark fin mother of pearl inlays. Neck thru solid body. (neck isn’t bolted or glued on) Very distinctive as the tip of the headstock has been repaired and is painted in a matt black colour. With a logo that says Charvel (by Jackson guitars) in small writing on headstock. Has a silver Charvel moulded case with it which is covered In stickers and is broken slightly near one of the locks.

Peavey P.A. head, SM57 Beta & SM58 Beta mics, mic cables have blue tape around them at the connectors. Could have only one speaker stand with it as one was left behind.

Mesa Boogie 2x10 Cab

Mesa Bookie 4x10 Cab

Red Pearl Drumkit with By Any Means logo on the bass drum

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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